About Me

Welcome to my Fitblr! My name is Mel, and I’m a qualified Personal Trainer from Sydney, Australia. I love love LOVE going to the gym, reading, dancing and going out with my friends. My philosophy in regards to health and fitness (and, come to think of it, life in general) is to be honest with yourself and figure out what really works for you. As long as you find a good balance between strength, stamina (cardio) and suppleness (flexibility and stretching), and maintain a healthy diet 90% of the time, you should be well on your way to achieving good health and a great body!

I graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness on the late last year with my Certificates III and IV in Fitness, as well as a Master Trainer Qualification. I was also voted class Energiser by my peers :) Feel free to ask any training/diet related questions! I’m currently working at a studio in Naremburn, running group circuit classes three times a week, as well as doing a few shifts at my gym every now and then. 

This blog mostly contains pictures that inspire me, as well as just a few random things now and there, maybe some recipes, maybe something I find aestehtically pleasing. But its mainly about the fitness. Just a warning though, I have major shoe lust, and an addiction to pin-up/corsets/lingerie. I also post a lot of ballet pics.

Having been there myself, I cannot and do not support ana/mia/ednos. However I do support the people behind them. If you want to talk, I will listen.

Want to know more? http://eatright-staybright.tumblr.com/post/17529735946/mystory